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Brand templating: How creating more effective content gets results

June 17, 2021

11:00 AM MDT / 1:00 PM EDT

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Drive better business results with your content

The buying process for your customers has changed. Content now fuels every step of the buyer journey. But as more and more content is published everyday it can be hard for brands to keep up with demand. Meanwhile, most content created falls short of expectations for consumers and for the brands creating it.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how brand templating can help you create more effective content at scale that grows your business without overburdening your central creative team.
  • How the buying process has changed for customers
  • The key elements of truly effective content that gets results
  • The 10 most common template mistakes brands make and how to fix them

Vy Lake

Associate Event Marketing Manager, Lucidpress

From hosting webinars and trade shows to building email sequences, landing pages, marketing strategies and brand management initiatives, Vy Lake manages and handles all things event-related for Lucidpress — including those darn-tootin’ swag bags! When Vy’s not juggling work life, she’s juggling mom life to three young-in’s. Vy also enjoys a good houseplant (or several), autobiographies, mid-century lounge chair or CrossFit session…..though preferably not all at once.
Perhaps this goes without saying, but, your agency’s ROI is important. It’s a reflection of how healthy your business is — as well as how happy your employees and individual contributors are. Learn how to scale your agency faster through strong branding and a streamlined creative process.

Creative briefs align your copywriters, designers, strategists and clients to ensure the project achieves its goals and help your creative team to work more efficiently.

With the higher demand for design and a more discerning audience, how can agency creative teams keep up with the demand to both work quickly and deliver quality content?