Business Half Page Ad Banner Template (300 x 600)

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300 x 600 pixels
1 page

Aha, we see you checking out our Business Half Page Ad Banner Template. Know what that means? It means you're not satisfied with the status quo. The same, old, tired ad templates just don't do it for you anymore.

Well, you're not alone. As brand managers seek more visual impact, publishers are now offering larger ad spaces. This filmstrip ad template is a prime example. According to Google AdSense, the 300 by 600 pixel format is one of the fastest-growing ad sizes due to its rich engagement. The Interactive Advertising Bureau even considers it one of display advertising's "rising stars." And with our free half-page ad banner template, you can make one easily and efficiently. We'll even save your brand assets for later, in case you decide to come back and make a whole slew of banners. Because we're cool like that.