Business Medium Rectangle Banner Template (300 x 250)

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300 x 250 pixels
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The IAB—that's the Interactive Advertising Bureau—recommends four sizes in their Universal Ad Package, and this is one of them. At 300 by 250 pixels, our Business Medium Rectangle Banner Template is one of the most versatile ad formats around, and for good reason. It's easy to include in-line with text in news articles, web pages, and other online communications. With this banner ad in your arsenal, your advertising campaign will have great reach and frequency with your target market.

Our free medium rectangle banner template is no trouble to customize. Simply open it in Lucidpress and adjust it however you like: new colors, images, logos, fonts and more. If you're creating multiple ad formats (to round out that Universal Ad Package), we'll even save your brand assets for you to use next time. It's just another way that Lucidpress makes your job easier.