Business Wide Skyscraper Banner Template (160 x 600)

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160 x 600 pixels
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Although many people recognize this popular banner ad template from the sidebars of their favorite websites, most don't know that it's called a wide "skyscraper." Such a phrase evokes tall, inspiring structures that stand out amongst all the dense clutter of a bustling city. And so it is with skyscraper banner ads—the best ones stand out amidst the photographs and walls of text that surround it, hopefully inspiring a viewer to learn more.

Enough with these musings, though—you have banner ads to create, and fast. Fortunately, our pre-made templates make the job much easier than building a real skyscraper. At 160 by 600 pixels, our Business Wide Skyscraper Banner Template is sized precisely to IAB and Google AdSense standards. All you have to do is adjust the colors, images, messaging and font, and voilà! A skyscraper banner ad worthy to stand among giants.