Biography Book Cover Template

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13 x 9 in.
1 page

Biographies can be incredibly personal and expressive, especially if they’re written by the subject themselves. That’s why it’s important to design a book cover that is representative of not just the material inside but also of the person that it will be describing. Our Biography book cover template is the perfect starting point for a succinct yet personal biography cover thanks to the large space on the cover that can be used for a photograph of the subject. It’s flanked by both the biography title and an explanation of what the book is, utilizing very simple and clean fonts with a consistent color scheme. The summary itself also contains a title and a clean white box that can be used to contain the text itself.

Of course, you don’t need to use the same colors or fonts that we’ve chosen. Instead, you can choose to modify the color palette and fonts to your exact aesthetic. Simply use our drag-and-drop tools to modify elements and personalize the book cover template to your exact needs.

We have plenty of unique book cover templates designed for biographies, cookbooks and themed novels. They can all be modified to suit the content that you’re writing with our easy drag-and-drop tools. Sign up today to get access to all of our unique templates and give your book a professional cover to help it stand out.