Full Court Press Book Cover Template

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13 x 9 in.
1 page

A serious book requires a serious cover in order to set the tone before your reader even picks it up. Our Full Court Press book cover template is designed for technical explanations, gritty novels and roman noir. The grayscale theme oozes with a dark and mysterious vibe, but also sets an earnest tone which draws the viewer in and mentally prepares them for the content inside. This book cover template is accompanied by a single black and white image. In our example, it’s a photograph of a basketball hoop from below which gives a weighty tone to the entire cover. Below, there are simple black rectangles that are overlaid with white text to create the title. On the back, we’ve duplicated the title and added plenty of space for a description or summary of the book.

While this book cover template doesn’t contain many colors, our powerful editing tools offer users a simple drag-and-drop interface that can be used to change virtually every element. Whether it’s the picture, the size of the boxes, or the fonts, every element can be modified to suit your needs. This means it can be completely modified to give off a happy and cheerful vibe instead of the serious look that it currently has.

Full Court Press is just one of the many book cover templates that we offer. Sign up today and get access to a wide range of different templates that can all be modified to fit your exact needs.