The Northern Wild Book Cover Template

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13 x 9 in
1 page

This template highlights a beautiful scene with a lake and snow-covered peaks in the background. A beautiful aurora emerges from behind the peaks that stretches across the cover. A sky dotted with stars follows over to the back page, and there are hints of the aurora on this side as well.

With this theme, you can clearly display the name of the author and the title of the novel. It stands out clearly from the background image without intruding upon it. On the back cover the title of the novel and the author’s name can be repeated with a boxed space to highlight the synopsis or additional information about the novel. Since the box is slightly transparent, it stands out while also blending into the overall theme of the cover.

When choosing from our many book cover templates, you’ll find that this is the perfect option for conveying mystery, intrigue and adventure. Particularly, if you have a novel set in the wilderness. You could also match it to a novel relating to the Northern Lights or a similar mystical element. The design of the aurora certainly suggests adventure or perhaps a mystery is on the horizon, waiting for the reader to discover it themselves.

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