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13 x 9 in
1 page

Using imagery is a fantastic tool when promoting a concept or selling an idea. With so many self help novels already on the market, it’s important to hit the ground running. Our Self Help book cover is sure to aid you. The cover provides an image of a lightbulb, playing on the popular concept that a bulb like this relates to a fresh idea or epiphany. It suggests, something new and exciting. While the bottom is bathed in darkness, the top of the cover around the title provides a bright clear light, with hints of blue. It clearly conveys the message of hope and blue skies ahead.

With a title that uses both white and dark shades you can clearly highlight the key aspects of the name of your self help book.

The back cover provides a small, bordered image of a lightbulb with plenty of space to provide a synopsis of the book itself. Like our other book cover templates, this is designed to ensure it’s clear and easy to read.

As the name suggests, this book template is ideal for self help books. The message of hope is sure to captivate an audience and gain their attention. This template could also be suitable for various other forms of nonfiction or even a biographical piece.

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