Cuisine Restaurant & Catering Brochure Template

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8.5 x 11 in
2 pages

Fine dining and fine design meet in this gorgeous restaurant brochure template. The font is elegant and sophisticated, and the layout makes it easy to read through the different options. This clarity is enhanced by the tri fold brochure layout that perfectly matches the flow of the content.

The front cover is dedicated mostly to mouth-watering photos of the menu items, organized so that several photos can be displayed in a logical, reader-friendly way. Keeping the photos on the front page makes the initial viewing experience immersive and leaves the rest of the brochure uncluttered.

You can’t afford a cheap menu design. It immediately signals low-quality to a potential diner, and that kind of an impression can tarnish your brand. Keep your brand image as bright as your silverware with this attractive restaurant and catering brochure template.