Lifestyle Photographer Business Card Template

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3.5 x 2 in
5 pages

Photography serves a unique artistic purpose. It captures our world as it existed in an instant—snow on the ground, boxes on the floor of a new house, a kiss on the cheek. Time moves forward relentlessly, we get older and things change, but with photographs, we can cheat a little bit and revisit a moment in the past.

Lifestyle photography is there to capture these moments. Engagements, weddings, pregnancy, birth... It puts smiling faces to these milestones that the owners can cherish and share with their loved ones. For a lifestyle photographer, sharing their talent and time with others is both a gift and a calling. We created our Lifestyle Photographer Business Card template to help you show some of the moments you've captured, in hopes of doing the same for others. Select up to six photos in this template, and customize the layout with your favorite fonts and colors. With this template, your business card becomes a mini-portfolio that you can share with your clients.