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2 x 3.5 in
2 pages

And now for something a little different. Our Monochrome Design Business Card template isn't what you would call ""fancy."" With only black lines on a white background, it cuts a stark contrast against all the flashy, noisy cards floating around out there. And for that reason, it's a refreshing change of pace.

Even without any colorful images or logos, this business card template provides great visual interest. The text is boxed in by solid black lines, using a simple font that's easy to read. A logo placeholder is anchored squarely in the center, and we recommend replacing it with a monochromatic version of your own logo for the best results. Since putting all your contact details in the same box would be a little too predictable, a phone number is tipped to the side where it can stand out. It's a bold and masculine design which you can tailor for free, in just minutes, with Lucidpress.