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8.5 X 11 in
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Effective social media doesn’t just happen. Before anything gets posted, it’s thought-out, planned and executed. With this free social media calendar template, you can do all of that easily in one place.

The template has room for four weeks’ worth of social media content, so you can use a single sheet to plan your major social posts for a full month. And with a section for notes, you can refer to other documents or specify account details.

Because all of our templates can be edited, you can customize this social media calendar to fit the needs of your company. Use your brand palette to change the colors and update the fonts. You can even upload logos and other images to use in your design. Sign up free to get started today.

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is a roadmap for your marketing or social media team to follow to stay organized and relevant across your social media platforms. With a social media content calendar you can track content themes, important content or product releases and the personas you are trying to reach on each social channel.

Why use a social media content calendar?

While it might seem easy enough to schedule out social media posts on a daily or weekly basis without much forethought, an effective social media strategy requires much more effort and planning. The best branded social media campaigns create their own unique content for their channel rather than simply reposting other brands’ content or restating the title of a blog post in a tweet. With a planned social calendar, your content team will have time to create unique graphics and creative copy that will spark a conversation with your audience.

Developing a calendar also allows your team to think about social media trends, influencers, relevant hashtags or events that your brand can capitalize on. Ultimately, by planning your social calendar in advance, your team can spend less time coming up with new ideas and streamline their content creation process based on the calendar so they can focus on other initiatives to engage your audience.

How to plan your social media strategy

Start by auditing your current social media initiatives. Use your social media platforms’ analytics to identify who your audience is and the content that engages them the most.

Next, map out your marketing initiatives for the year, relevant hashtags, influencers, social trends and core messages you want to discuss throughout the year.

Finally, schedule themes for each week or month and record them in your social calendar.

How to use the social media calendar template

Lucidpress’s social media calendar template makes creating a social calendar easy. Simply create a free account and open the template. Customize the template to meet your needs. Then, duplicate the page to create a full year of monthly social calendars. Then add themes, notes, publication dates and planned graphics to each week. Share the template online with collaborators or print out a hard copy to keep your social calendar top of mind.