Hand washing protocol Instagram story template

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Don’t get schooled by insufficient handwashing! Be cool, bud, and wash your hands.

Okay but seriously, this is not a drill: remind all those near and far to wash their hands with a handwashing Instagram story template.

According to the CDC, handwashing is the easiest and cheapest way to keep yourself, friends and family safe and healthy. Not only that, but it also helps slow down the spread of germs, which keeps you and just about everyone you know (or may come into contact with) happy and Coronavirus-free.

Wondering what proper handwashing looks like? It’s simple: all you have to do is get your paws wet, grab some soap, lather ‘em up for 20 seconds, and then rinse with warm water. In case you don’t feel like counting, try singing “Happy Birthday” twice — or for big fans of “Baby Shark,” give that a go!

Like all Lucidpress templates, the handwashing protocol Instagram story template is easy to customize and make all your own. Start by exchanging one splash of color for another, use the drag-and-drop editor to move the messaging around, or insert new images or additional shapes based on your company’s brand guidelines or preferences.