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8.5 x 11
3 pages

Every teacher knows the value of a well-developed lesson plan. But when it comes to typing one out from scratch, well, no one has time for that. Here's where our Basic Lesson Plan template comes in really handy. Like all of our educational resources, it's designed to make the school year a little bit easier by building the solid foundation you need to get started.

This basic lesson example offers more depth than a table lesson plan, so you can explain important sections in detail. The cover sheet contains the essential sections, from overview to objectives. The second page breaks out into larger sections with more room to explain the plan and its assessment. Finally, the third page is perfect for including a sample assignment. Print this out to use as-is, or open it right inside your browser to tweak the text, fonts, shapes and more. With Lucidpress, it's easy to drag and drop your way to educational excellence.