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8.5 x 11 in
1 page

Flyers—also called handbills, leaflets, inserts or circulars—have long been a popular form of mass marketing. In today’s digital world, they’re still an attractive way to market your real estate listings, whether for suburban townhouses, loft-style apartments or opulent country mansions.

Our real estate flyer template is a case in point. It gives you a classic, efficient way to promote real estate both online and off. Whenever a listing comes into your office, you can customize a flyer within minutes and publish it digitally or in hard copy long before your competition has even fired up their design software.

Never underestimate the power of the printed word. Flyers are perfect for marketing your townhouse listings, or showcasing your historical real estate at fairs, trade shows or conferences. Don’t forget, Lucidpress can print your flyers and deliver them directly to your door.