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8.5 x 11 in
2 pages

Our open house flyer template has been professionally designed to present real estate for sale in a visually striking way. The colors are bold, the font style is classic no-nonsense, and the message is immediately clear: no frills, no fuss. We’ve zoned in, if you’ll excuse the pun, on creating space to showcase crisp, clear images of the property from all angles.

Notice how the top three headings mimic the slope of the property’s roof. In Lucidpress’s user-friendly interface, you can easily move text around to wherever it makes the most impact without detracting from the property image.

We’re sure you know that colors impact consumer perception of brands. We’ve chosen red—enthusiasm, passion, vigor—for the trendy Waterfront flyer. But for a different type of property, with just a few clicks, you can change the background color (and pretty much anything else). How about orange—fun, refreshing, positive—for a loft apartment? Or green—growth, balance, hopefulness—for a cottage in the country? Make a statement, as they say, without saying a word. Sign up for a free Lucidpress account today to make this template your own.