Marvel Movies Superhero Facts & Stats Infographic

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Ever wondered which Marvel character swears the most? Is Peter Parker on the verge of being expelled for missing too much school? How much does Iron Man drink, exactly?

Through a mix of research and binge movie-watching, the Lucidpress team brings you the answers to these questions and more.

Some of the answers were a given; others might surprise you.

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Marvel Movie Stats

Marvel Movie Stats

Marvel Movie Stats

Marvel Movie Stats

MCU appearances

  • Iron Man: 9
  • Capt. America: 8
  • Nick Fury: 8
  • Thor: 7
  • Black Widow: 7
  • The Hulk: 6
  • Falcon: 5
  • Hawkeye: 4

Potty-mouth leaderboard

Many have criticized Peter Quill's swearing, but Tony Stark takes the lead, swearing 15 times throughout his movie appearances. However, Luis may be the real winner, coming in 4th place after just one movie.


As a whole, Avengers: Age of Ultron had the highest use of projectiles on screen with 111!

Kill counts

Iron Man can't seem to seal the deal without the help of Pepper Potts. Throughout the 20 Marvel movies, only 20 of the main villains are killed.