Seaside Hotel Gift Certificate Template

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7 x 5in
2 pages

Understated elegance with simple, stylish formatting and a bold font will present your business in the coolest light without being flippant. We love the chilled-out emerald underwater background, but you can use your own image or select a more vibrant color.

The simple design of this hotel gift certificate template empowers you to create branded promotions fast using Lucidpress’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. And it’s great for both print and digital campaigns. Simply drag interactive social media buttons and your contact details onto your own Technicolor product image. Select your preferred business font, color and style, and you’re good to go.

Best of all, your marketing and design departments can brainstorm drafts in real-time with live chat and a responsive commenting feature. The Seaside Hotel Gift Certificate is completely customizable and suitable for campaigns with a moderate amount of text (like terms of use).