Clean consulting invoice template

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8.5 X 11 in
1 page

This consulting invoice template is all about a clean presentation. A monochrome palette, banded invoice items, and a highlighted grand total make it easy for your clients to see what you did and what they owe you for it.

Prefer an invoice in a different color or layout? Use our easy design editor to change colors, fonts and layouts or browse our many other invoice templates.

The free consulting invoice template is especially convenient for consultants because you can customize the invoice to show charges for a single service or by an hourly rate. Use our advanced features like smart fields and data import to quickly populate data fields, and you'll never need to generate invoices in Microsoft Word or Excel again. Instead, store your invoice data in a Google Sheet and connect it to your invoice template with our API.

Customize the consultant invoice template to include your name, business & payment information, and you’re ready to download a PDF and start invoicing clients. Lucidpress makes it easy to select from a variety of fonts, colors & design elements to create the look you want for your company.

You don’t have to let flashy graphics or bright colors get in the way of your message. Keep billing simple with this clean consulting invoice template. Sign up for Lucidpress today to try it out for free.

How to create a consulting invoice

A comprehensive service invoice should include the following:

Client’s company name and contact information

Your service’s name and contact information

Due date for receipt of payment

List of services rendered

Total amount owed including a breakdown of taxes or other fees

Instructions on how to make the payment

Depending on the company you’re invoicing providing a detailed description of the work you completed along with the hourly or agreed upon project rate will help the company to understand what they are being charged for and expedite the billing process.