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Are you an established freelancer looking to optimize your billing practices? Or perhaps you’re a newbie freelancer who’s researching the business side of things before you proceed.

Wherever you are in your freelance career, there’s one thing for certain: You need an effective way to bill your clients and collect payment.

That’s where freelance invoice templates come in.

An effective, yet beautiful template can be difficult to create on your own. This is especially true if you want to avoid online invoice generators that deliver a one-size-fits-none solution.

Fortunately, platforms like Lucidpress make it simple to customize professionally designed templates to make one that represents your brand and fits your exact needs.

What invoice templates include

The exact contents of an invoice template will vary, though all templates should include a few basic features. They are:

  • A unique invoice number

  • Your name/business name and contact information

  • Your client’s name/business name and contact information

  • Your payment terms (i.e. payment due within 7 days)

  • Payment total

  • Your bank details (for transfers), or other payment instructions

There are other elements that invoicing templates should include, too. These may not be entirely necessary, but they empower you to deliver a more detailed invoice. For example, you could also include:

  • Work details (name, what was/will be completed, hours worked, etc.)

  • Dates (when you started and when you finished or plan to finish)

You want to be as detailed as possible for your benefit, but also for the benefit of your client. Clear and straightforward details will prevent any miscommunications or disagreements that could sour your relationship.

How to invoice for freelance work

As a freelancer, it can sometimes be difficult to handle the administrative side of the job. One such administrative task is invoicing, and this is absolutely necessary if you want to run a healthy business.

How you invoice for your freelance work will largely depend on your industry. The vast majority of freelancers charge upfront for their services, or at least require a deposit (usually 50 percent of the total cost). But, others may only charge once the work is complete.

You’ll also want to consider how you’ll accept payment.

Services such as PayPal and Stripe may be useful, but they also charge fees that can really add up. Is your client willing to cover those fees for you, perhaps?

For other options, are credit cards acceptable? How about cash or money orders? You need to consider how your clients are most likely to pay, but also which payments will be least risky and expensive for you.

Once all of these details are hammered out, you can then send a filled-in template to your client.

You might need to follow-up with clients, as well.

The vast majority of companies are good at paying their invoices on time, but there are those who procrastinate or forget. This is why you should also have a process in place for getting in touch with clients when their invoice becomes overdue.

A quick email reminder or a personal phone call is often all you’ll need. Just remember to stay on top of due dates so you can get what you’re owed in a timely manner.

How to create a freelance invoice

If you’re not using any invoicing software, then you’ll have to create your own freelance invoice. And while this may seem like a daunting task, creative freelance invoice templates do exist.

From clean and professional to whimsical and creative, there are invoice templates available for all industries. And when you download one such template from a professional brand templating platform like Lucidpress, you’re in for a treat.

Lucidpress offers an array of invoice templates for both professional and creative freelancers. Best of all, these templates are completely customizable.

Simply choose the template you’d like to use, then edit it in Lucidpress’s intuitive online editor. Change the background and the colors, add your own brand logo, and even upload your own fonts or brand assets.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to alter the template you’ve chosen, and to make it completely your own.

Once you’re done, you can download the invoice as a PDF, print it, or share it with a unique link. Any time you need to make another invoice, your template will be waiting for you in Lucidpress—along with all your other branded assets, like images and colors.

Invoice templates that work for you

Your invoices should be as individual as your freelance business. That’s why Lucidpress has professionally designed a number of creative freelance invoice templates that can be altered to fit the needs of almost any industry or niche.

Using a professionally designed template is an important step in your freelance journey. It will help to set you apart from your competition while also helping you appear more professional to your clients. And with Lucidpress, it’s fun to customize one for your exact needs.

To get started, pop on over to our invoice template library. There’s sure to be one that is just right for you.