Grayscale simple invoice template

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8.5 x 11 in
1 page

Lots of basic invoice templates are monochrome—but few are as striking as this one. The dramatic color block at the top grabs your clients’ attention, and other touches of color make it easy to read.

Banded invoice items make your pricing structure clear, and the highlighted grand total ensures that customers know exactly what they need to pay you. Extra room in the footer lets you include terms, notes, and anything else you need to communicate to your clients. Once your invoice is ready, download a PDF or send directly through Constant Contact.

With custom formatting and smart fields that automatically input your name and contact information, you'll wonder why you ever created an invoice in Excel or Microsoft Word.

You don’t need color to look professional with this basic invoice template. Sign up for a free Lucidpress account today to try our free invoice generator out today.