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8.5 X 11 in
1 page

Did you find this fitness logo template through a Google search? Were you tired of all the cookie-cutter icons of weighted barbells and pilates-performing silhouettes? So are your customers. They’re looking for something that goes beyond the surface, a healthy home-away-from-home that speaks to their body and their soul — to put it another way, they’re looking for a higher fit.

The Higher Fit logo template delivers a bold, concise brand identity that stands out among all the other health clubs in town. Three thick lines drive towards the center, illustrating the goal you share with your customers: working towards a happier, healthier life. The middle line balances the logo and leads the eye into your brand name.

Speaking of brand name, you should know: every element in this fitness logo template is customizable, from fonts to colors and everything in between. (Remember, no cookie-cutters!) Let your imagination take this template to new heights by updating the text, trying out some new fonts, and experimenting with a rainbow of colors. Or, button up your brand identity by inputting the exact shades & hues in your palette.

No matter where your creative vision takes you, Lucidpress makes it quick & easy to bring your brand to life. Sign up free today to use this and many other tantalizing templates.