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It’s a hard time to be in healthcare. People feel overwhelmed by all the medical information at their fingertips, pushed to them through the internet and various smartphone apps. Information may be easier than ever to access — but the fundamental human element of care feels ever further away.

How do you reach an anxious audience to let them know compassionate healthcare is only a call or visit away? Start with a logo that everyone will recognize and trust. This healthcare logo template uses the traditional plus sign that has come to symbolize professional medical care & expertise worldwide. The familiarity is comforting and immediately communicates your purpose & professionalism to your patients.

If navy blue doesn’t float your boat, don’t let the wind out of your sails just yet. Because you can customize every element in a Lucidpress template, there are a million ways to make this one your own. Try out a few fonts, cruise through color variations, and drag/drop design elements to your heart’s content. Our online editor is powerful and flexible, so you can bring your brand to life — no advanced design skills required.

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