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Why do people go to the gym? Doctor’s notes and new year’s resolutions aside, most of us can boil our motivation down to the same thing: we want to work towards a happier, healthier version of ourselves.

The gym offers us a dedicated space to pursue this goal. And because we spend a lot of time there, we want to feel welcome and comfortable in the place we choose. But how can you show prospective customers that your gym would be their perfect fit? The first step is easy: hit ‘em up front with the ultimate gym logo.

This gym logo template captures the concept neatly within a bold, orange circle. It acts as a lens to focus on a singular goal: moving forward. The double meaning here is intentional. Not only do customers move literally while exercising, they’re also moving metaphorically towards their goals and a fitter future. It’s both inspirational and motivating — a pattern that packs a punch.

If vibrant orange isn’t your jam, don’t pass us by just yet. Each element in this gym logo template can be customized to match your brand identity. And what’s more, you don’t have to be a design genius to figure out how. Intuitively switch through fonts, colors, shapes & more in our online editor. You’ll be amazed at how many unique combinations you can create with just a few clicks.

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