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8.5 X 11 in
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How do you communicate the concept of consulting through a simple, recognizable logo? It’s not as easy as using a house in a real estate logo or a barber’s pole for a hair salon. Because consulting encompasses a number of intangible services, it might seem difficult (if not impossible) to represent your consulting brand clearly and succinctly. Enter our United Strategy logo template.

This consulting logo template communicates at a glance your firm’s commitment to uniting in strategy with your clients. Two square boxes overlap and intersect to deliver a clear impression of unity and partnership. The choice of shape is important here, too — squares often represent stability and strong foundations, which are fundamental to any successful consulting relationship.

As always with Lucidpress templates, each element of this logo is customizable to your brand. Not only can you change the text, you can select from dozens of pre-loaded fonts or upload your own. Not only can you change the colors to match the precise hues in your brand palette, you can also easily experiment with gradients and image fills.

Take this consulting logo template and let your creative vision light the way. With only a few clicks — and even fewer minutes — you can transform this template into a well-designed logo that represents your brand. Do it all for free when you sign up for Lucidpress today.