Aficionado e-Magazine Template

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8.5 x 6 in
4 pages

This e-magazine template gives you all benefits of a print magazine with added bonuses like scrolling text and digital sharing. This free template is diverse enough to be used by a wide variety of organizations, and it will look great whether you download it as a pdf or embed it on a web page.

The cover gives you plenty of room to have a bold, beautiful image as well as a clearly branded title. Once you open it up, the scrolling text areas let you devote more room than usual to the photos and typography on the inside pages. As you scroll down, you’ll notice that you can even fit multiple images in a single space and access them by scrolling left and right.

The flexibility you receive from an e-magazine template is unparalleled. With the Aficionado e-magazine, the digital format unhinges you from typical design restraints and opens up new possibilities for design and publishing.