Connoisseur Food Magazine Template

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8.5 x 11 in
10 pages

Good food deserves a good magazine design. To do justice to the delightful dishes you’ll feature, you need high-quality photographs and well-written articles, and this food magazine template gives you the space you need.

The cover of the Connoisseur template immediately speaks to the foodie in all of us, and its mouthwatering photograph encourages readers to turn the page and dream of what dish they’re going to prepare next. In addition to having great images, The Connoisseur doesn’t ignore the need for thought-provoking articles. The layout leaves plenty of room on the stage for intriguing articles to bring the photos to life.

This template has a lot of fun with colors, creating an effect that mimics the colorful ingredients in your favorite dish. Embrace the culinary side of life with the Connoisseur food magazine template.