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If you’re looking for a webinar planning template, boy have you come to the right place. We’ve rounded up everything you need to plan and host a webinar — and I do mean everything. Here you’ll find templates for a webinar planning checklist, a social media ad to promote your webinar, a blog ad, a webinar email and a beautifully designed presentation template to wow your attendees.

Our webinar planning checklist will help you plan the broad strokes of your event, while the social media and blog ad templates will ensure your promotions are on point and on brand. The webinar email template offers a great start to an email drip campaign, and the presentation template, or pièce de résistance, provides a well-designed foundation for your on-screen visuals.

We’ve bundled up all the pieces to help you create a webinar so successful, you’ll surely win friends and influence people, not to mention boost your business. Webinars are a genius way to achieve your marketing goals. They give you total control over content and allow you to wallpaper your branding across the entire thing without looking tacky. They’re also much cheaper than hosting a traditional event in the flesh. I could go on and on about the benefits. In fact, I will.

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that they allow you to capture your guests’ critical information via the registration page. That’s right, you’ll be drumming up qualified leads while barely lifting a finger. Pass this tidy list of prospects to your sales reps and go put your feet up — you deserve a break.

And hopefully, with the help of a few templates, you won’t have to do much more. Our marketing templates are designed to assist you with the trickiest part of webinars: reaching your audience. A healthy approach to promotion will ensure that there are plenty of attendees at your interesting and innovative virtual event. Taking advantage of email and social media campaigns will reach as many people as possible, and who knows — you may even end up maxing out and having to create a waiting list.

The best part about our package of webinar planning templates is that every template is 100% customizable from top to bottom. You’ll have your choice of colors, fonts and sizing. Add images and your brand’s logo as easy as can be. Lucidpress’ drag-and-drop editor makes designing customized ads and presentations so seamless, you may wonder how you ever did it any other way.

In no time flat, you’ll have beautiful collateral that looks exactly like your brand. Plus, our templates are all completely free — so there’s no drawback if you want to try out Lucidpress and see if it works for you. All you need to do is sign up for a (free) account to access your free templates.