Dentistry Direct Mail Postcard Template

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6 x 4in
2 pages

We get it: Advertising dentistry is hard. It's not the flashiest or funnest thing to market. But you still want to attract new patients, and since you serve a local area, direct mail can help you out. To catch people's attention, appeal to what they want most from their dentist: a beautiful, healthy smile.

And that's exactly what they'll see on this professionally designed direct mail postcard template. Emphasize the value of dental care as well as the fun side of your business with this template—a gorgeous smile, refreshing water droplets, and an amusing font make this stand out among the hundreds of other pieces of mail that people find in their mailboxes.

Just customize this direct mail dentistry template with your practice's information: name, phone number & address. Add any useful or compelling information on the back, such as a personalized message, and you have a direct mail piece that’s ready to send. We’ll direct mail them anywhere—to your home or office, a list of addresses, or even a local area.