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Reach out to young couples and first-time buyers with this real estate postcard template. Bright and encouraging, it’s been professionally designed to attract attention and invite further contact.

Use it to promote your down payment assistance program or similar offer, and display your own logo, photo & contact details on the front of the card.

Using the intuitive editor in Lucidpress, you can change the layout, images, colors & fonts to complement your brand in just a few simple clicks. Once you have a design you like, save it as a template and give the rest of your team access. They’ll be able to edit it for different uses without compromising on your brand’s style.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even order quality prints, right here in Lucidpress. We’ll direct mail them anywhere—to your home or office, a list of addresses, or even a local area. Sign up for a free account now to get started.