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An open house is a classic way to catch the eye of prospective property buyers. It makes it easy for owners to showcase their home on a day that best suits them—after all, keeping a house that’s for sale immaculate all the time can be very hard work and quite stressful.

Lucidpress makes it easy to invite potential buyers to an open house day with our open house postcard template. It can be popped into mailboxes, displayed at stores in the area, and mailed—directly or digitally—to customers looking for a property. Drop off a few copies with the seller to pass around to family, friends and neighbors.

And just like that, the word is on the street. You can easily order full-color, gorgeous prints from Lucidpress, and we’ll direct mail them anywhere—to your home or office, a list of addresses, or even a local area. Sign up for a free Lucidpress account to get started.