Journeys Education Presentation Template

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1024 x 768px
4 pages

This education presentation template, perfect for teachers and students alike, has been designed to showcase images and evoke emotion.

With full-sized images on the title and concluding pages, and space for large images on the pages in between, it would suit a presentation that’s heavily visual and relies on beautiful imagery to get its message across.

Text overlays on the first and last slides leave room for both a title and a brief statement, while the text boxes on middle slides allow for more detail on the key points you’ll cover in your presentation.

If the images shown in this education presentation template don’t work for your topic, take advantage of the easy-to-use editor in Lucidpress and upload your own. You can also change the font and colors, use our Icon Finder to add details, and even add buttons and video if you’re presenting digitally.