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14 x 10 . in.
5 pages

A great pitch deck template will display the key information clearly, keep slides to a minimum and ensure that the presentation itself looks stunning. With a simple yet bold and vibrant orange background paired with white lettering and logos, our Monochrome Pitch Deck certainly hits the mark. An additional, unique design feature is the large font that is used to elevate key messages on certain slides. This is completely customizable to meet the requirements of your company. Across five slides, you will be able to provide all the crucial details about your business as well information including team members and your overall business objectives.

This pitch deck template could be a fantastic choice for a business that wants to appear friendly, welcoming and open while keeping things professional. It could be suitable for startups in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Easy to read, the design keeps things simple and ensures that you will be able to make the right first impression with your company.

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