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5 x 7 in.
1 page

Losing a loved one is often incredibly difficult and there is usually a lot to think about and plan. One of the key requirements is creating a gorgeous In Loving memory program that captures the right message and provides a beautiful tribute to the person lost. With our In Loving Memory template, you’ll be able to quickly create a loving tribute.

The design of our program is truly stunning with a beautiful, light pink background. At the bottom of the template, there are images of mountains or hills, offering a picturesque scene of peace and nature. Above the mountains, there are also clouds in the sky, perfect for reminding people of tranquility and that the person is at peace. In the clouds, there is space for an image of the loved one lost. Information is presented clearly in black font to ensure that no details are missed with a simple yet elegant black border.

Since individual elements of the design can be changed, this design could be suitable for a wide range of different individuals. Indeed, the main pink color theme can be changed to the color that matches a personal request.

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