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Project Proposal Templates

Whether you're writing up a grant proposal for a non profit, proposing a research project at a university or submitting a business proposal, it's important for your project proposal to look polished. With a fully designed cover page and content page, our project proposal templates provide a professional framework for a winning project proposal. No project proposal is exactly the same, so each template is easy to customize to meet your needs. Add and duplicate pages as needed, adjust colors and images to match your brand and quickly add copy. Like most business communication, it's best to keep your project proposal simple. Focus on the business case or benefit of the project. What do you intend to accomplish? How long will it take? What is the proposed budget? Provide a vision for the finished outcome of the project while avoiding getting too specific in the details. When defining goals for the project remember to make them measurable, attainable and time bound. Ready to make your project proposal? Sign up for a free account to get started.

How to write a project proposal

The goal of a project proposal is to get approval for a project from key stakeholders. Whether your proposal will get approved by your boss or is the beginning of a lengthy vendor selection process, every project proposal should include the following:

Project description

Provide a succinct summary of the project’s background and objectives in the project description. Be sure to focus on information that conveys the value of the project and what you will achieve with the project. Keep a narrow focus by providing only one or two objectives and avoiding getting bogged down in the details.

Project methodology

Provide a synopsis of how you will approach the project. This section can include your particular approach, team structure or choice of tools. Also include a list of expected deliverables for the project.

Measurement and reporting

Provide how your project will be measured and what your reporting process will look like.


Include an expected timeline for each major phase of the project.


Provide a cost estimate for the project including any cost variations dependent on chosen materials or project scope. Depending on the project, you may need to provide a line item for every expected cost.

Company information

Provide clear contact information for yourself and your business.