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8.5 x 11 in.
2 pages

When you’re making a project proposal, you want your client to be assured of your attention to detail, of your expertise and your ability to communicate your proposal as effectively as possible. To help with that, our Strategic Project Proposal template can help you give the document the neat, minimalist visual flair that it needs. Understated, professional and visually appealing, it keeps the reader engaged without being too flashy.

The opening page of the proposal keeps things simple and neat, introducing the proposal with a streamlined (but not boring) border that makes the purpose of the document clear. On the second page, our project proposal template neatly categorises different steps or aspects of the project, ensuring that the information you want to convey is introduced properly with a bold heading, before it’s broken down into easily readable chunks. These are headed by square segments that can either be used as attention catching headers or as images that communicate the information beneath.

If you want to add a little branded flair to your project proposal, then Lucidpress makes it easy. Our drag-and-drop editor allows you to edit the color, font choice, or incorporate any imagery you want. Signup for a free Lucidpress account to get started.