Chore chart daily schedule template

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8.5 x 11 in.
1 page

All work and no play makes anyone a dull person but, unfortunately, sometimes you just have to put your nose to the grindstone and get stuff done. And, sadly, we simply haven’t figured out how to magically get these tasks done on our behalf. However, half the battle of doing the chores is assigning them — chores can easily turn into silly arguments about who-did-what-last.

So, save yourself from the headache and grab yourself a chore chart. A chore chart keeps everyone accountable (even you, assignee) and organized.

With our chore chart daily schedule template, you can assign and delegate tasks on a daily or weekly basis, so you all get more done together — and more time to play, too. Alternatively, you can use this template to teach your students about responsibility or time management.

Now, should you find that certain elements of the template work for you, but others don’t, you are more than welcome to customize it based on your needs and end goals. You can swap out text, or add new text or images to the daily schedule template. You can also swap out colors and print the template out — or share it digitally with others.