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8.5 x 11 in
1 page

Food makes the world a better place. Food brings people together, bridges gaps, offers comfort and inspires us. Plus, being hangry is probably one of the least-fun things for both you and the people you’re interacting with. As of late, we’ve found that it’s the little things in life that bring us joy — like our meal plan daily schedule template.

This meal plan template makes it easy to map out your week and plan ahead, so you have a better idea of your budget, as well as when you’ll need to go grocery shopping or grab take out. And while you might be thinking “I don’t need to meal plan,” doing so actually helps reduce stress and empowers you to delegate other tasks (or cooking ones) as needed, so no matter what pops up during the week, you can keep calm and carry on. Alternatively, the template can also be used as a teaching device to help students better understand the days of the week, math and more.

However you decide to use the template, keep in mind that it’s entirely customizable. You can add new shapes or make some text smaller or larger. Or, if you’re using it as a teaching tool, you can swap out the provided colors with those of your school. And don’t forget — you can replace any text you see on the page with something that better fits your needs.