Weekly schedule meal planner template

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8.5 x 11 in
1 page

Behold, a weekly schedule template designed specifically for meal planning. Those with the personality type that’s methodical enough to plan a week’s worth of meals will delight in flexing their organization skills with this straightforward weekly planner. With space to plan each day of the week, plus room for a grocery list and extra notes, you can plot three square meals a day or get creative and fill this planner up with dreamy descriptions of your ideal dinners. The more disciplined among us may even use this as a guide for their weekly meal prepping ventures.

However you like to schedule your eating habits, this completely customizable template is designed to be personalized so you can truly make it yours. Change the color, change the font, move things around and add your favorite foodie images until this meal plan is so enticing you can’t help but follow along each day. (You can even change this to, say, a weekly workout planner instead of a meal planner. It’s okay, we won’t be offended.) Lucidpress’ drag-and-drop editor makes customizing as easy as pie, which, by the way, would be a great addition to any meal plan.

As always, our templates are free, and you can import, export and print them out to use any way you like. Simply sign up for a free account and get planning.