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As a barber, nothing speaks better to your passion and expertise than brand elements with sophistication and style. If you have a YouTube channel, then your videos likely do a great job of highlighting your brand. However, keeping your brand elements consistent across your entire channel with a well-designed banner will further generate trust with your clientele.

The Barber YouTube Banner greets visitors to your channel, assuring them they’ve come to the right place and can trust your expertise. The stylistic serif font with the accents on the ‘r’s is evocative of an old-timey traditionalism that has always been part of the full barber experience. However, the more modern border and text beneath shows a contemporary flair that matches well the image of the tattooed hand hard at work. This banner is perfect for those barbers that want to convey a modern twist on a grooming tradition that’s been around for centuries.

Our drag-and-drop editor lets you quickly move, modify and upload imagery. You can also change the font, and make it your own unique banner. It’s free to get started, so sign up for an account today.