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1400 x 2650
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If you want eyes on your makeup tutorials channel, then you’re going to need to catch the viewer’s attention as soon as possible. Naturally, this is best done through a video, but when they visit your page, how you show your dedication and passion through your banner design can convey what a wizard you are with a mascara brush. Our bright, snazzy Makeup YouTube Banner template can do precisely that. Place this at the top of your YouTube channel, or you can easily modify it and reuse it for your social media accounts or personal website branding.

Make users feel immediately welcome with a bright, soft pink that’s sure to stand out from the typical YouTube design and communicate quickly what your channel is all about with a bold image breaking through the otherwise smooth design. Our modernized Serif font adds a touch of class, while still keeping things minimalist and neat looking.

Our Makeup YouTube Banner template is completely customizable through our easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Would you prefer a different image or logo at the top? Want to switch up the font? Think another color would suit your particular sense of style? Sign up for free, and you can switch it up to your heart’s content.