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A restaurant is more than just the food it serves. It’s the service provided by the staff, the design of the environment, and the atmosphere of the experience and destination. Naturally the focus of any element of restaurant branding should be the food. Few products photographs as well as food, which is why we place it front and center in our banner template, showing snapshots of a few different, simple dishes that quickly communicate what the channel is all about. The bright, handwritten text on a clean black background gives a mix of artistry and professionalism that helps sell your restaurant as the perfect blend of business and passion.

Perhaps our restaurant YouTube banner template has inspired you, but you want to make a more personal twist. You can upload your own dishes to replace the images, change the font, the color, and add branded elements with Lucidpress’s drag-and-drop editor. Sign up for a free account to cook up the perfect banner for your own YouTube channel.