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1440 x 2650
1 page

Travel agents have the advantage of relying on gorgeous imagery of unique places and adventures to create an emotional connection with their audience. With our Travel Agent YouTube Banner template you can create a picturesque welcome to your YouTube channel.

Our template uses a warm contrast of orange and deep purple, emulating the view of a sunset over an idyllic beach. The simple, minimalist border keeps it neat and accessible, and the handwritten font gives it a personal appeal, which is important in a market that’s driven so much by emotional rather than practical desires.

Of course, you might have your own destinations to show off or your unique brand flair to add. With Lucidpress and our easy-to-use drag and drop editor, that’s more than possible. It takes no time at all to import and use your own graphics or logo, to change the colors or fonts or to adjust any of the design elements to fit your brand. It’s free to try, so sign up for an account to get started.