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36 x 20 in.
1 page

A set of pencils with perfectly sharpened tips is an instantly recognizable symbol of art and illustration. Featuring an array of bright, vivid colors that jump out against a neutral backdrop, this simple YouTube Channel Art Template is an ideal option to attract artistic audiences and promote your unique channel. Illustration channels are all about designing something new and showcasing your talents and flair. This image lures interested parties in, gently encouraging the creative juices to start flowing and urging the viewer to take that next step and find out more. From those who love to look at illustrations and marvel at the expertise and imagination of others, to those who are keen to flex and hone their own skills, this Lucidpress template delivers on every level.

Lucidpress is an accessible platform, which enables you to take advantage of the option to customize hundreds of templates. With YouTube growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time to launch a channel and get people talking about it. This versatile template gives you license to create a bespoke design, providing a canvas on which you can put your individual stamp. With customizable fonts, colors, and images, and a simple, hassle-free drag-and-drop editor, Lucidpress can help you promote your brand and create a real buzz around your channel. If you like what you see, and you’re keen to put your illustrator YouTube channel on the virtual map, why not sign up today?