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Pinterest is a popular platform used for searching for new products and unusual ideas, but it’s often neglected by marketers and advertisers. Fact is, it’s not just a social media platform—it's also a search engine for awesome images, making it ideal for visual real estate marketing. Because Pinterest uses a sophisticated search algorithm, you can easily reach your target market (e.g. singles in Seattle or lawyers in Los Angeles) and promote visually appealing property listings.

Pinterest pins have a longer lifespan than Facebook or Twitter posts, so your business pins will keep turning up in search results for a long time. Our real estate Pinterest template can help you create the kind of bold, compelling pins that Pinterest users are addicted to. Don’t stop at property listings; use Pinterest to share real estate news and striking images of the cities and towns you promote.

Lucidpress’s user interface makes it oh-so-easy to create professional and artistic layouts. Sign up for a free account to get started with this template today.