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1024 x 512 px
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Social media marketing for your business should balance work with fun. Twitter is effective because it’s relevant, short and useful. Reading a tweet is a bit like scanning the newspaper headlines—if the reader happens on something interesting, they can dig deeper for more information. Our real estate Twitter template was designed with the same goal: to engage Twitter users at a glance with an eye-catching headline, bold design and a direct call to action.

Our template is versatile. Use it to invite followers to review your business, advertise special offers, or delight customers with real estate images, cartoons & “lighter side of life” jokes. Make Twitter fun, upbeat and informative. You can also use Twitter as a customer service platform to respond to suggestions, compliments and even complaints. Your customers will love your transparency and honesty.

Best of all, your designs will always be sized and optimized for Twitter. Sign up for a free Lucidpress account today to get started.