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506 x 253 pixels
1 page

The beauty of Twitter is its 140-character limit, which compels tweeters to break down their thoughts and express them in their clearest, most concise forms. The only downside to all this simplicity is that rows and rows of tweets can look, well, sort of boring.

Give a quote the space it deserves with our Inspirational Small Tweet template. At 506 by 253 pixels, it's designed to fit and look great in your followers' timelines. Replace our background of choice (a sweeping natural vista) with your own glorious photo—or use our built-in search function to find the perfect one. Edit the text and quickly change its attributes such as font and color. You can even add effects like shadow, opacity, fill and border. Our intuitive editor makes it easy to create high quality Twitter photos right here in your browser, so you can create, save, and jump back into those trending hashtags.