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851 x 315 pixels
1 page

Almost every business is on Facebook today. It's a valuable advertising channel, brand builder, and customer service portal all rolled into one. Likewise, your Facebook cover photo is a highly visible space to promote your brand, and it can even be used to announce discounts and sales.

Of course, creating all those Facebook cover photos can be a nuisance. That is, unless you depend on our trusty Promotional Facebook Cover Photo template. We take the guesswork out of sizing for you, giving you a 851 by 315 pixel canvas to work with right from the start. Customize this template with your own images and details, such as colors, logos and photography. We'll even save those brand assets for later, so they'll be loaded up and ready to go when you come back to make new covers. Say goodbye to the same old static cover photo—and hello to a dynamic, enviable Facebook presence.