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600 x 600 pixels
1 page

From its humble beginnings as a text-based "micro-blogging" site in 2006, Twitter has become a ubiquitous global platform for sharing links, images, and videos with millions of other users. These days, your 140 characters go a lot farther than they used to. Photos and links no longer take up a chunk of your precious character count, which means there's no good reason not to add some visual interest to your followers' feeds.

If you're advertising or building a brand via tweets, our Promotional Twitter Post template will help you start off on the right foot. At 600 by 600 pixels, it's friendly enough for any device's screen. Create high quality images tailored to your brand with custom shapes, colors and fonts. If you upload logos or photos, we'll save them in your account so you can use them again later. After all, tweets are supposed to be short, so any time spent designing them should be short, too.