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1500 x 500 pixels
1 page

When you visit a Twitter profile, one part takes up more space and attention than any other: the header. It's a prime piece of real estate located above the fold that, when used properly, can help build your brand. Compared to other Twitter elements such as your avatar, handle, bio, and link color, the header photo provides the best opportunity for expression on your page.

Rather than uploading any old wallpaper or background image, give our Studio Twitter Header template a spin. At 1500 by 500 pixels, it's designed to fit perfectly on your profile, with no hidden or wasted space. Upload your own photos to edit, crop, mask and color to your satisfaction. You can also add custom shapes, color palettes, and text to fully represent your brand. Export in high quality with no watermarks or whitespace, and you'll have a header photo that's actually worth tweeting about.